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Easter is not just about rabbits and eggs.  Though I would be the first to consume a little chocolate over easter especially if it is dark chocolate or turkish delight.  The easter message is the one thing that unguirds our faith and belief in Christ Jesus.

At the cruxifiction of Jesus, he died for the sins of humanity.  He was the perfect sacrifice for our blemished lives.  Upon his death Jesus body was laid in Joseph's tomb and a boulder stone was used to secure it, along with some guards for extra security.  During this time Jesus went down to hell defeated the devil and took the keys of hell.  He conquered not only sin but the power of death as well, so that we can possess eternal life.  His love for humanity took him to the cross but his love also conquered the power of the evil one over our lives.

It is when we put our hope and trust in Jesus and respond to become his followers or disciples we are given the privilege to become his children. This is where we experience his love and grace in our hearts and lives.  The price he paid is once and for all, it is full and complete, Jesus has the victory. Now we can live free from the power of sin and death.

Read the gospel of Matthew chapters 27 & 28.

Pray this prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for sending your son Jesus to die in my place on the cross, thank you that he rose again on the 3rd day and conquered death and hell.  Today I want to acknowledge your grace and love for me by sending your son Jesus and I invite Jesus to come into my heart and life and take away my sin, shame and guilt.  I want to be a disciple of Christ so I surrender my life to you.  I choose to follow to you for the rest of my life.

In Jesus name, Amen